About Palmi

About Palmi Korean BBQ

At Palmi Korean BBQ in U-District, Seattle, you will find the unique blend of hearty spices, delectable meats, and fresh produce. Everyone knows that Korean food is famous for more than its great taste. It’s being able to fully experience the Korean dining and food culture.

What does "Palmi" mean?

"Pal" is the number eight in Korean. It's written like this "八" in Hanja. (A quick history lesson. Hanja is Chinese, but was used by the Koreans way back in the days.) The second part, "Mi" is defined as taste. "味" in Hanja. "Mi" has many different meaning, but the Hanja shown is directly translated to "taste."

Our dishes is a product of love. Love for great tasting food, culture and people who love food.

See for yourself what makes this restaurant more hintspop over to this web-siteuseful linkpela phone casehandyhülle reinigen one of Seattle’s most exciting Korean BBQ restaurant. We look forward to serving you and ensuring a dining experience to be remembered.